Emily Jansson


Coming from a professional costuming background, I am well-versed in heirloom and couture techniques. I love to utilize old-world crafts in modern silhouettes, and am adept in both sewing and leather-manipulation.
I stay informed of new processes within the fashion/accessories industry, as well as other fabrication industries, and am always looking for new ways to develop existing methods.
I work best in environments that offer challenges--I love to come up with possible solutions (especially for costing issues!).
I hate being late. I love to streamline for efficiency, and I am familiar with the ins and outs of product development. I keep my eye on the prize and am able to work well under pressure.

Computer Programs:
Adobe Photoshop (Mac or PC)
Adobe Illustrator
NedGraphics (Design and Repeat, Easy Color, Color Reduction, etc.)
Microsoft Office
Lectra Modaris